DCSB Return to the Third Section with a 6th Place!

Dysart Colliery Silver Band returned to the stage of the 3rd Section in Perth this past weekend with a performance of Napoleon of the Alps by Philip Harper that drew plaudits from both the adjudicators as well as media outlets reporting on the event. After 50 years away there were absolutely no signs of any nerves as a technically competent and musically exciting rendition, under the baton of Kenny Letham, scored a very commendable 90 points from a number 1 draw – a score that on another day may have seen DCSB challenging for the prizes. Congratulations to the winners Newmains, and their fellow promotion candidates, Selkirk. As it was, Dysart secured their status in the 3rd Section and beat bands from Fife as well as a prize winner from last year to make the point – we are here and we want to stay! For the band and our supporters, here is some context for the fantastic performance and result we managed to achieve:

Dysart Colliery Silver Band Achieved a 6th place at the Scottish Brass Band Championships 2018, this placed us firmly in the middle of the table and means next year we have a great score to begin our average calculations with.

The average placing for a band (since 2013) promoted from the Fourth Section to the Third in their first year is 7th, with the most common placing being 8th. We beat both of these averages.

In achieving 6th place, we beat the bands who placed: 3rd, 6th, 8th and 9th last year. We have also risen up 15 competition places in 3 Scottish Championships (2016 – 4th Section, 11th to 2018 – 3rd Section, 6th) a move past 28% of all current contesting bands in Scotland!

Our world ranking has jumped 52 places since the beginning of the year and 157 places since 2017, with this result seeing us now at an ALL TIME HIGH of 700th in the world and 40th in Scotland (BrassedOn)

I could go into more detail but I think this makes the point clearly. There is a massive amount to be pleased about. The chapter of our journey from 2016-2018 has now closed, we see ourselves in a new place and a new position, with a new plan and new goals needing to be set and achieved. What was is now in the past – this is our new baseline and we CAN move forward. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR DEVELOPMENTS!

All that leaves me to say is thank you: to the band, to the conductor Kenny, to the committee and to our supporters. You have all been vital parts of this work – your hard work, your encouragement, your love has been incredible. We need you more than ever now! Please keep doing what you are doing and as always…


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