A Successful Trip to Cheltenham

A fantastic experience was had by all in DCSB’s first trip to the National Championships of Great Britain in 96 years, couple with a performance to remember and a result that saw us placed 7th overall. Whilst it may not have been a win, the tears of joy and the cheers from the crowd, as well as some favourable media reviews, was enough to make sure the spirits were high on what was, undoubtably, one of the best weekends away this writer has ever experienced. Thanks had to go to everyone for the work and effort put in to make it so memorable.

DCSB placed 7th out of 20 at the Nationals this is both rationally and statistically better than our last outing in 1945 where we finished 13th out of 14. This result is the 4th best result out of 35 Scottish entries to the fourth section Nationals in 17 years and firmly defeats the Scottish average result of 13th place since 2010 (and that includes Newmains winning this year).

DCSB this year have competed and found success in more competitions within a single year than any in our history – making this our most successful period ever. After the Scottish in 2016 (the beginning of our journey here) we were ranked 768th in the world – as of yesterday with our result we are ranked 668th in the world – our highest ever ranking. This places us 41st in Scotland – a ranking well above our section status.


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