The Final Push…

Just a little reminder to everyone we are now on the final push to the Scottish and so – as has been printed on your Bandhall and the Plan sheet you have received – here is a list of the rehearsals between now and the contest. Please note – there may be a change in venue from Whyte’s Causeway Baptist Church for some of these, but if there is, we will let you know.

15/02/17: Rehearsal @ 7.15pm
20/02/17: EXTRA Rehearsal @ 7.15pm
22/02/17: Rehearsal @ 7.15pm
01/03/17: Rehearsal @ 7.15pm
05/03/17: Brass in Praise @ WCBC including a performance of the Test Piece – Service starts at 11am, sharp – PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP THAT YOU CAN COME
08/03/17: Rehearsal @ 7.15pm
09/03/17: EXTRA Rehearsal @ 7.15pm
11/03/17: EXTRA Rehearsal (time and venue TBC)
12/03/17: Scottish Championships, Perth Concert Hall, Perth

Thank you all for all the effort you have been putting in thus far – we are almost there!


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